The Chemical that makes our Brain and Body work

Let us just start with the term neurons. Some people may know that our brain is built out of these neuron cells. But in order to provide the proper function of our brain, it uses neurotransmitters which control the level and type of communication between these neurons. 


It is assumed that without these neurotransmitters, that can be identified as chemical substances which are released into our brain, the human body would not work at all. 

The state of the art research found more than 50 different neurotransmitters. Some of the most known are serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. If the levels of these released chemicals differ, that they sure do, you will experience different emotions and your body will respond in varying physical manners as well. As I mentioned above, these neurotransmitters are in charge of the communication between the neurons, hence each of them has a particular objective. Serotonin for instance controls the body temperature and the onset of sleep. It is also responsible to cause certain diseases such as depression, anorexia or obsessive compulsive disorder. Furthermore even a higher or lower level of other neurotransmitters is able to cause or enhance these diseases and disorders.